Online talk: Artists and Power in the 21st Century

Determined by the war in Ukraine, therefore focused on an actual ( ) conflict, The Janovics Center for Screen and Performing Arts Studies invites theatre artists, theatre critics and academics to an online talk on the topic of Artists and Power in the 21st Century.

We have invited in this effect the American theatre critic John Freedman, a former resident of Moscow and an expert in Russian theatre and politics – as proved by his recent article The Anatomy of Lost Love: Russian Culture at War, the starting point of our debate. We have also invited our colleague, professor László Upor, freeSZFE, Budapest – former rector of the Theatre and Film Academy Budapest and a victim of political intervention since a couple of years ago.

The discussion, hosted by Cristina Modreanu, Andrea Tompa and Miruna Runcan, will take place Thursday 27 of April, 19 PM (Athens) /12 AM ET (Estern Time)

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