Doctoral School

Doctoral Studies Institute 

The Doctoral School of Theatre and Film, has been a part of the Faculty of Theatre and Television of UBB since 2009, and it includes doctoral programmes in two professional-artistic and research fields combined in an interdisciplinary dialogue: the field of Theatre and Performing Arts, and Film and Media.


The PhD programme in Theatre and Performing Arts aims to train specialists in the field of theatre research and performing arts studies, combining theoretical research and discourse in theatre criticism with research based on artistic creation, practice as research. The doctoral studies on theatricality and performativity, on dramaturgy and Romanian and universal performance art are associated with those dedicated to different methodologies of stage creation, creative strategies and theatre pedagogy related to the art of the actor/performer and the director. At the same time, the doctoral programme in Theatre and Performing Arts encourages interdisciplinary interpretative perspectives,  theatre perspectives enter into dialogue with those on visual culture, and aesthetics meets cultural anthropology.


The PhD programme in Cinema and Media aims to provide the opportunity to develop research projects that study a diverse range of audio-visual productions, including studies of cinema, television, video art, but also Internet-based new media. Participants in this research programme will have the opportunity to study elements of aesthetics, ideology, visual culture, as well as contemporary technologies used in the main forms of audio-visual production, the most important of which are cinema and television. Studies in this area will focus on a multidisciplinary approach, dealing with both national and international productions, and will not be limited to traditional academic contexts and will encourage the discovery of new spheres of interaction between the arts of visual representation.