Film and Television Image Production


The Cinematography Photography Media section combines theoretical courses with a range of practical workshops, offering students the opportunity for a complex professional training in the fields of television production, media production and film production.

After completing a general theoretical and practical training in their first year of study, students have the opportunity to pursue one of four specialization routes. Each specialization route has subjects with specific objectives, but also some common core subjects. The acquisition of practical, artistic and transversal skills, such as teamwork, is achieved by completing common themes within several specialist subjects, which are considered as the main objective of the semester. Thus each student, regardless of their chosen specialization, will have the opportunity to work on several media genres, in order of complexity. In the area of interest of the graduates of our section are:

  • TV productions: documentary, reporting, news, talk-show, teleplay and other TV programs.
  • productions for film distribution: fiction, documentary, animation,
  • multimedia productions: music videos, experimental films, advertising films, video installations and other hybrid genres.

The interactive nature of the discussions, the note of innovation and creativity with which the theoretical notions and the numerous filmed exercises are approached, make this specialization a well-balanced combination of theory and practice, in an artistic field that makes intense demands on the students’ potential, their accumulated knowledge and their resolve.

Film and Television Imaging is a vocational field of creative expression, uses the language of cinema, and makes equal use of talent, personality, specialist knowledge as well as skills of expression with the aid of film equipment.



Cinematographer (COR code 265420), Videojournalist (COR code 265436), TV Reporter (COR code 264212), Operator Reporter (COR code 264213), Audiovisual Producer (COR code 265430), Photojournalist (COR code 264208), Creative Director (COR code 265432).