Contemporary Theatre / Acting, Theatre Studies

The specialisation is aimed at graduates in theatre, film and media, journalism, letters and/or humanities and offers a flexible, interdisciplinary program for the professional training at master’s level of future practitioners/artists – playwrights (adaptors, playwrights, etc.) and program makers/media producers (television and radio writers, film critics, etc.), as well as future producers of multimedia products.

The program’s inter-disciplinarity offers multiple advantages: on the one hand, each master’s student has the opportunity to work together with colleagues interested in another artistic direction or another level of theoretical knowledge, thus creating a profitable communication between graduates of the same but different specialities and of other related specialisations, and on the other hand, it aims to create new bridges for future artistic and experimental projects.

It also aims to create a well-prepared sample of Master’s graduates from which to select doctoral students for the future professional doctoral programme.


Career path:

Actor, Puppet actor, Musical actor,
TV presenter,
Radio announcer, Director,
Editor, Journalist, Theatre Critic
Literary Secretary,
Cultural Manager, Artistic Director,
Theorist, Theatre Historian