Theatre Studies

The major in Theatre Studies/Theatre Journalism in Hungarian offers students a rich and diverse curriculum covering broad areas of theatre education.

The core subjects cover fundamentals such as theatre history, theatre aesthetics, directorial poetics, etc.
Knowledge and core disciplines provide students with broad skills such as:

use of basic concepts related to the history and theory of universal, Romanian and Hungarian theatre;artists

knowledge of performances, , festivals, contemporary theatre trends, especially from Central and Eastern Europe;

journalistic writing skills and the ability to work in the field of media and cultural journalism as a theatre editor and critic;

dramatic writing, dramaturgy and dramatic text processing skills;

organisational and coordination skills in the field of performance production, as well as cultural management, marketing and public relations;

interpersonal communication skills, ability to work as part of a team in the production of a theatre production, as part of a festival team or in a newsroom;

knowledge of individual and group research strategies and techniques in the field of theatre.

The complexity of our programme attracts those who wish to enter the world of theatre, to actively participate in the development, perpetuation and preservation of artistic values

Career path: 

Literary Secretary,
Cultural Manager,
Journalist, Theatre Critic,
Artistic Director,
Theatre Historian,

Project Manager