The Art of Short Film


The Art of Short Film (MA) study line was set up in 2015 at the Babeş–Bolyai University’s Faculty of Theatre and Film. During the two-year long programme, students attend courses of well-known Hungarian lecturers and industry professionals. Candidates also have the opportunity to participate in workshops, international trips (Erasmus) and special lectures on filmmaking concepts and practices.

Lecturing happens in small groups, which facilitates a closer lecturer-student mentorship, the strengthening of team spirit as well continuous personal consultation. Candidates develop practical knowledge in fiction film pre- and post-production processes (screenwriting, casting, visual design, location shooting, editing, colouring, sound) and they learn the significant steps of filmmaking (lightning, composition and framing, sound).

Practical courses include modules in directing practices, music video theory and making, documentarist fiction film as well as animation. During theoretical modules, students examine fiction film and documentary genres.


Who is the course for?

The programme primarily targets students with the following degrees (BA): Film, Photography, Media, Filmology, Directing, Communication Studies, and Journalism. It is also open to interested graduates in other domains, however, basic practical knowledge in photography and/or film is mandatory.



The following degrees and Diploma Supplements (DS) can be obtained: Video and Motion Picture Director, Audiovisual Producer