The Acting curriculum offers students a comprehensive and flexible professional development program. Our mission is to train future actors, performers, animators in the field of performing arts, through a theoretical and practical training aligned with national and international standards. The professional and teaching experience of the faculty members, the dedication of our teachers and the facilities offered to students place our institution in a privileged position in this field in Romania. Our program stimulates and encourages teamwork, interdisciplinary and interdepartmental collaborations and, at the same time, puts at the heart of its concerns the individual development of the student by stimulating his artistic creativity and freedom of thought.

Our educational offer includes, in addition to the curricular disciplines, a wide range of additional activities: workshops and creative camps, meetings with internationally renowned specialists, conferences, etc. At the end of the three years of study, our graduates are well prepared for the job market and can successfully face the most diverse artistic responsibilities in both private and state performing arts institutions.


Career path:


1.Theatre actor
2.Film actor
3.Puppet actor
4.Socio-educational and cultural animator
5.Researcher in the history, theory and aesthetics of theater and the performing arts