Film Studies


The Film studies program offers students a wide range of courses, seminars and practical work in a variety of interrelated fields: film history, theory and aesthetics, film genres and film criticism, image analysis, culture and visual anthropology. A fundamental component of our curriculum is screenwriting, the study of which, both theoretical and especially practical, takes place over the three years of study. On Film studies, students will combine practice and theory, collaborate with their cinematographer colleagues in film making, and have a tangible understanding of film production in a Film/Video Production Workshop. Those inclined towards film criticism will be encouraged and supported to write and publish, both in the students’ magazines and online platforms, as well as in cultural magazines in Cluj or for the Faculty’s scientific publications. The teaching staff at Film studies aims to be efficient, dynamic and open to close collaboration with students, and the study environment is conducive to stimulate critical thinking skills.

Graduates of the Film studies programme can become: screenwriters, film critics, producers, journalists, cultural animators, film festival organizers, with multiple career possibilities in film and/or related fields.

Graduates will have the necessary skills for the following professions: special correspondent (home and abroad) (COR264203), press correspondent (COR264205), art critic (COR264206), publicist commentator (COR264210), editor (COR264211), art secretary (COR343522), film instructor (COR265403), film network instructor (COR265404), writer (COR264102), art trainer (COR2355).