Theatre in Education





The programme is dedicated to the training of professionals who want to engage theatrical methods in primary and secondary education, in forming multidisciplinary teams, as well as training the staff of large companies with the aim of grasping theatre techniques applied in the development of collaborations and functional teams. The programme ensures the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and the development of professional and transversal competences which  allow graduates to enter the workforce as specialists in theatre education for various educational and cultural institutions, having the necessary abilities to create alternative educational curricula. Thanks to its judiciously constructed curriculum, which embodies alternative educational models, attaining the objectives of this master degree is correlated to an approach which is centered on optimizing and customizing academic activities. The programme is dedicated to theatre graduates and to those who work in other fields and want to develop their skills by using applied theatre techniques to improve processes of communication, organization, and coordination of work teams. Students will be guided by specialists in the fields of theatre, pedagogy, creative writing and personal development. Combining elements of curriculum construction with personal development techniques, theatre methodologies and research, the program focuses on training specialists in the field of theatre education, with an emphasis on activities dedicated to becoming a theatre teacher or community artist.