Theatre Studies

The Theater Studies – Theater Journalism program offers our students a complex and flexible professional development program. The mission of the teaching staff, composed of professors with a dense teaching and research experience, is to guide young theater-makers through a theoretical, practical and artistic training that meets national and international standards, by promoting, preserving and transmitting the universal values of the theatrical art.

Exploiting the most recent advances in theater theory and history, as well as techniques and methods proposed by great practitioners and theorists of theater and theater journalism, the specialist courses prepare students to master various techniques and methods for the creation of journalistic materials with a theatrical focus, dramatizations and adaptations, the writing of analytical essays, and the production of advertising and marketing campaigns in the field of performing arts.


Career path:


-newspaper or magazine reporter/editor specialized in performing arts and media;theater scriptwriter, playwright, adapter
-literary secretary in performing arts institutions;
-director of communications and public relations in artistic institutions;
-manager of cultural projects and programs;
-show producer;
-researcher in the history, theory and aesthetics of theater and the performing arts;