Assistant Professor Szilágyi-Palkó Csaba PhD


Csaba Szilágyi-Palkó is a full-time assistant professor, actor and director of the Hungarian Theatre Institute of the Faculty of Theatre and Film since 2016.

He holds a PhD in theatre arts (BBTE) with a thesis on the gender of the actor. He is researching the relationship between gender and acting practice and conducts acting classes.

He is the author of several publications, such as “Men in tulle: the Trockadero” (Playground, 1/2018), “Pants roles, female impersonators” (Playground, 1/2016), etc.

He has participated in the creation of several theatre productions, such as Blue, Blue, Blue (2012, Cluj-Napoca, KÁMSZ), Private Pulcinella (2003, Zsámbék, CULTURA 2000, co-production of 8 European theatres), Squaring the Circle (1999, Timisoara, Csiky Gergely State Theatre), The Misadventures of a Brave Mouse (2000, Cluj-Napoca, KÁMSZ), etc. He has appeared in short films. He has published more than forty reviews, essays, prose and poetry (Korunk, Echinox, Jelenlét, Helikon, etc.). His university performances have received, among others, the Audience Award at the Kisvárda Festival (Blue, Blue, Blue, 2002), the Best Performance Award at the Studio Festival in Târgu Mures (Rats, 2010), etc.

Subjects taught: acting, improvisation, gender studies and theatre, etc.


Professor habil Hatházi András PhD

András Hatházi

University Professor


András Hatházi specialises in theatre. He is an actor, director and writer.

Doctorate in theatre from the Budapest University of Theatre and Film Arts with the topic: Improvisation and personality development.

He has done research in the field of acting.

He has published three of his own volumes and one translation, numerous articles, poems, short stories, dramatic texts and screenplays. He has over one hundred theatre and film roles, numerous theatre, puppet theatre and film directing credits.

He has participated in numerous theatre and film festivals and has been awarded several times both nationally and internationally.

He has been invited several times in radio and television studios in the country and abroad.


Courses taught: those related to acting and stage improvisation.

Professor habil VISKY András PhD


András Visky specialises in Hamburgian drama, stage adaptation and contemporary drama.

He holds a doctorate in theatre from the Budapest University of Theatre and Film Arts, where he wrote his dissertation on the relationship between space and text, and on the possibilities of adapting Imre Kertész’s novel Kádiz to an Unborn Child for the stage.

His research interests include theatre theory (theatre as urban ritual) and the practice of contemporary theatre drama.  He is well known for having coined the concept of ‘barrack dramaturgy’. Komporaly Jozefina ed. Memories of the Body (Bristol-Chicago, Intellect, 2017)

Publications. (Cluj-Napoca, KOMP-PRESS Korunk, 2009); In the Landscape of Diversity. (Budapest, Vigilia, 2007); To write and (not) to direct (Cluj-Napoca, Koinónia, 2002).

As a renowned playwright, his plays have been performed in professional theatres in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Germany, the UK, Serbia and the USA (Chicago, New York, Washington DC).  As a stage playwright, he has worked with directors such as László Bocsárdi, Karin Coonrod, Silviu Purcărete, Gábor Tompa, Mihai Măniuțiu, Robert Woodruff, David Zinder.

Subjects taught: dramaturgy, creative theatre writing, scriptwriting, theatre theories in the 20th century.


Associate Professor BODÓ Ottó PhD

Ottó Bodó A. Bodó is a dramatist and university lecturer, he received his doctorate degree from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest, his supervisor was Géza D. Hegedűs. His main research field is the Hungarian theatre in Transylvania after the regime change. He was the founding editor-in-chief of the theatre arts journal Függöny, director of communications at the Tamási Áron Theatre, head of the public relations department of the Harag György Company and director of the Hungarian Theatre Institute for four years.

He has worked as a dramatist at the Csiky Gergely Theatre in Timisoara, the Hungarian State Theatre in Cluj, the Tamási Áron Theatre, the Csík Theatre, the Harag György Company of the Northern Theatre in Satu Mare, the Katona József Theatre (Kamra) in Budapest, the Jókai Theatre in Komárom, the Nottara Theatre in Bucharest. He has published in Criticai Lapok, Theater, Világszínház, Függöny, Zsöllye, Látó, Korunk, A híd, Gradus, Tribuna, Apostrof, Transylvanian Rewiev, among others. His writings have also been published in joint volumes. His independent volumes on theatre have been published under the titles Twenty Years of Transylvanian Hungarian Theatre and Evening Walks.

He is a member of the External Public Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Courses taught: theatre history, history of directing, drama analysis, theatre reception, marketing and PR, project management, literary secretary

Associate Professor Raluca SAS-MARINESCU PhD

Raluca Sas-Marinescu, PhD

Associate Professor


Raluca Sas-Marinescu specializes in Adaptation and Drama Writing, playwriting  and script writing and she activates as dramaturg.

He completed her PhD in Theatre at Babeș Bolyai University with a thesis concerning contemporary playwriting techniques and methods.

Her research is focused on playwriting, narrative structure development and collaborative practice, her artistic practice is focus on developing scripts for stage together with an assemble, working on theatre making and devising methods. In the same time she is developing creative writing projects for teenagers and she is documenting last twenty years of drama writing.

Her publications include: Dramaturg and dramaturgy: methods, techniques and case studies (Bucharest,  Eikon, 2017), „Only Lovers left alive” in Survival guide for theatrologists (Bucharest: Eikon, 2014), „Dramaturg and dramaturgy în colective practice – definition and exemples”, Symbolon, 2018, „Mozgó drámairodalom – a színházi szöveg állapota Romániában”  în Szépirodalmi Figyelő, Budapest, 2019.Her theatre production include a great number  of performances like: Occupy Yourself (2015), Reactring Cernobîl (2016) and IntimIDateMe (2018), Cluj Napoca, Varoterem Projekt, The promise of a beautiful life (because of Chekov) (2013) and Vacuum (2014), Râmnicu Vâlcea, Anton Pann Theatre, Fontana di Trevi (2012) and Midsummer Night’s Dream (2003) Satu Mare, North Theatre, Antemporal.G (2004) , State Theatre, Baia Mare.

She teaches courses on: Performance script development, Adaptation, Narrative Structures in Contemporary Theatre and Film, Creative Writing in performing arts, Theatre-making in independent companies

Associate Professor TOMPA Andrea PhD

Tompa Andrea

Assistant professor.


Andrea Tompa is Associate Professor at the Hungarian Theatre Institute of BBTE. She received her PhD in 2004 from the Faculty of Humanities of ELTE, Budapest, in 20th century Russian literature with a thesis entitled “Theatre and theatricality in the oeuvre of V. Nabokov”.

Since 2008 she has been teaching theory and acting students in aesthetics, contemporary theatre, drama theory, criticism. Her main field of expertise is contemporary Hungarian and world theatre. Author of four novels.


Associate Professor BARTHA Katalin Ágnes PhD

Associate Professor


Katalin Ágnes Bartha, Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Theatre and Film of Babeș-Bolyai University. She received her PhD degree from the Babeș-Bolyai University (2007). He is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the János Bolyai János Bolyai Research Fellowship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.Between 2007-2018 she was an associate lecturer at the Hungarian Institute of Literature at the Faculty of Arts of the BBU, and between 2003-2019 he was a researcher at the Szabédi Memorial House, coordinating research and academic projects related to 20th century Hungarian intellectuals in Romania. She has participated in several theatre studies research projects funded by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. she has also published several studies on theatre culture in Central and Eastern Europe, edited several volumes on intercultural relations, theatre historiography and intellectual career histories, and edited a volume of critical sources. His volumes include Shakespeare in Transylvania (19th century Hungarian reception), Argumentum, Bp., (2010) and A Nationality Publishing House in the Decades of Dictatorship (1969-1989), Polis-NKI, 2020.


Courses taught: universal and Hungarian theatre history, contemporary theatre spectacology, art education, theatre education, theatre and community, thesis writing


Associate Professor PALOCSAY Kisó Kata PhD

Kisó Kata Palocsay

Associate professor.


Kisó Kata Palocsay specialises in theatre. She is a puppet and marionette actor, a director of puppet and marionette theatre and also a maker of puppets.

She received her Phd. in theatre from the University of Arts Tg. Mureș with the topic: Thinking based on puppetry and animation.

She researches in the field of puppet theatre and animation as well as in stage speech technique.

She has had numerous theatre roles, puppet and marionette theatre roles, numerous puppet and marionette theatre directors and numerous puppet and marionette theatre set designers.

She has participated in numerous theatre and puppet theatre festivals and has been awarded several times both nationally and internationally.

She has been invited on several occasions in radio and television studios in the country and abroad.

Courses taught: stage speech, puppet and marionette acting and contemporary puppet theatre.

Assistant Professor KÖLLŐ Csongor PhD

Csongor Köllő, PhD

Assistant Professor


Csongor Köllő is actor, director and cultural manager.

He completed/received his PhD in Theatre at Babeş-Bolyai University, with the topic Towards a re-appreciation of the actor’s work on the ‘self’: personal training as a potential spiritual discipline.

His research is focused on the Laboratory tradition of 20th and 21st century theatre, the actor’s  physical and vocal training, psychophysical techniques in acting, and various non-mainstream modes of doing theatre, such as street / open space theatre, applied theatre, barter, etc.

His artistic practice is rooted in the belief that theatre can exert a significant influence on the life, well-being and resilience of society, both on a micro, as well as a macro level. Theatre as a tool for change should be available and accessible to all, and actors/performers/dancers/directors should seek the ways through which to get in contact with the different communities surrounding them.

His technical expertise include creating performances in various genres (indoors and outdoors), either based on existing text or by devising; creating situations where a barter (cultural exchange) can take place between performers and local communities; managing cultural projects (local, regional, national, EU); teaching workshops on various topics that comprise his areas of interest.


He teaches courses on Acting, Theatre, Movement, Improvisation.


Assistant Professor ZSIGMOND Andrea PhD

Zsigmond Andrea



Andrea Zsigmond graduated in Hungarian-German and Theatre Studies at the BBTE Cluj-Napoca.

She defended her PhD thesis in 2016 at the Doctoral School of Social Communication of Corvinus University of Budapest. Her dissertation was entitled “Theatre”, seen from Transylvania. Framing a concept.

She is (former) editor of the journals Játéktér, Székelyföld, Transindex, Moldvai Magyarság, Lk.k.t. and many theatre festival journals.

She has published more than a hundred articles on literature, theatre, film and other subjects in Transylvanian cultural journals and other places. His own publications have been collected in the following volumes. Zs. A.’s theatrical and non-theatrical essays. Koinónia, Cluj-Napoca, 2009; Zs. A. et al.. Colours and Song. Korunk-Komp Press, Cluj-Napoca, 2012.

Translated from Romanian by Mihai Măniuţiu. From Mihai Muiuniu, Auteu and Acting. Koinónia, Cluj-Napoca, 2006;

Edited from interviews with Gábor Tompa, using the curtain of labels. Gábor Tompa: label curtain: a private theatrical dictionary, Bookart, Csíkszereda, 2010; same in English. Bookart, Csíkszereda, 2014.

Her interests include media changes and seeks authentic and playful ways of speaking. Her activism is combined with a commitment to talent management.


Courses taught: methods of text interpretation, theatre theory, drama analysis, communication theory, theatre aesthetics, methodology of scientific research, drama theory, theory and practice of mass communication, media genres, thesis writing, 20th century theatre theory, etc.



Assistant Professor PÁL Emőke PhD


Assistant Professor HERCZOG Noémi PhD


Noémi Herczog (1986, Budapest) is a critic, aesthete, editor of Theatre magazine, working in Budapest and Cluj-Napoca. She received her PhD from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in 2018. Her research interests include: denouncing theatre criticism in the Kádár era. Since 2015, she has been a theatre critic for Élet és Irodalom and editor of Theatre magazine. She is co-editor of the SzínText theatre book series and co-curator of the following projects: dunaPart Hungarian Platform (2015, 2017, 2019), Péter Halász Prize (2019, 2020). Her published writings include “Denouncing the Tiger. The case of András Pályi’s play with the Dunántúli Napló”, Jelenkor, 5/2020; “The Independent Theatre – Hungary”, Platform: East European Performing Arts Companion (Lublin: Adam Mickiewicz Institute, 2016); “If necessary, let’s ban it! Denouncing theatre criticism in the 1970s”, 2000 journal. 3/2015 “New Personality”, Theatre, 4/2015;

The subjects she teaches in Cluj-Napoca: performance analysis, performance text devising, theories of contemporary performativity, press genres, press theory and practice, sociology of theatre

Assistant Professor, KOZMA Gábor, Phd.

Kozma Gábor Viktor, Phd.


Kozma Gábor Viktor is an actor, actor trainer and assistant professor at UBB. He is co-artistic leader of the creative community “Hunter’s Chance”. He is currently working on his research for his doctoral thesis at the Doctoral School of the University of Arts in Tîrgu Mureș. The topic of her doctoral thesis is the research of techniques and training methods for actors. In recent years he has participated in several researches in Japan, USA, Denmark, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium. He also uses these techniques in his creative work. He is a member of the International Suzuki Company of Toga. He participated in the IX. Theatre Olympics in Japan, with Maeterlinck’s play “The Blue Bird”.

He is a fellow of the Hungarian Academy of Arts from 2018-2021.

Subjects taught: body expression and stage dance, improvisation, mask and character.

Further information:


Associate Professor INCZE Katalin PhD

Conf. dr. Incze Katalin

Assistant professor


Incze Katalin is specialized in musical theatre and musical composition. She has received her Phd. in the field of performance studies from the Academy of Music G. D. in music performance from the Academy of Musicology “Dima” in Cluj Napoca, with the topic: “The rhetoric of vocality between declamation and singing, the foundation of musical-theatrical expression”.

Research in the fields of: music, musical stage. His artistic practice aims at preparing the dramatic actor to successfully occupy his place on the musical-dramatic stage.

She has participated in the production of numerous musical stage performances:

2014 – The musical Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim – full musical preparation and musical direction – Hungarian Theatre Cluj Napoca with the contest of the second year of Hungarian acting studies.

2016 – Musical Chicago by John Cander, Fred. Ebb – Tamasi Aron Theatre – Tg. Mures – with the competition

students of the first and second year of the acting department of the Faculty of Theatre from Tg. Mures and many others.

Courses: vocal expression education, musical craftsmanship: initiation and improvement course in stage music.



Associate Professor GEMZA Péter PhD


Péter Gemza is a choreographer, director and cultural manager.


He currently runs the Csokonai Theatre in Debrecen, one of the 6 nationally ranked theatres in Hungary. As a theatre director, he directs both prose and musical plays. In his work, the emphasis is on strengthening the elements beyond the text, perfecting pauses and transitions. Developing a long-term strategy for the Csokonai Theatre and building a system with related disciplines is the main focus of his managerial work.



Basics of acting movement

character and movement


theatre in relation to other arts

communication and collaboration with choreographers

Assistant Professor PÁLFFY Tibor

Pálffy Tibor


Pálfy Tibor specializes in theatre arts and is an actor with 30 years of experience.

His artistic practice focuses on the condition of the actor in theatrical performance.

His publications include FOLYAMATOS TESTFIGYELEM, Játéktér magazine year 2014 fall issue.

The films in which he has acted have been screened at the Berlin Film Festival, TIFF, etc.

He has participated in the production of numerous performances awarded by UNITER and festivals in Hungary mostly presented by Tamasi Aron Theatre in Sfantu Gheorghe:



Teaching Assistant KIS-LUCA Kinga

Kis-Luca Kinga (Associate Professor, University of Arts Târgu Mureș),

graduated in Arts, Pedagogy of Choreographic at Gheorghe Dima Academy, Cluj Napoca in 2006. From 2009 she becomes External Lecturer at University of Arts Târgu Mureș where she continues the Doctoral research. In 2011 she becomes Senior Lecturer and in 2014 she receives her Doctor’s degree. The title of her thesis is: The Role of Dance in Actor Training and the Evolution of Choreography Lines. From 2016 she continues her pedagogical activity as Associate Professor at the Department of Choreography and Acting. She takes part at several national and international scientific conferences. Along with the pedagogy activity, she works as choreographer in different theatre performances.

Lecturing portfolio: Body Expression, The Art of Choreoraphy, Ballet, Character Dance, Pedagogy  of Choreographic.


Teaching Assistant VÁTA Lóránd

Váta Lóránd Mihály


Váta Lóránd specialises in the performing arts, being an actor, singer and dancer with a background in tap dance. He is a doctoral student at the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Theatre and Film of UBB in Cluj. In his doctoral studies he is investigating the phenomena of the spoken and sung word in the scenic process.

Váta Lóránd’s artistic practice focuses on the study of the actor’s scenic process, especially the education of vocal expression and the education of body expression and scenic dance.

Váta Lóránd has played leading and supporting roles in artistic feature films with prestigious directors and operators: Gárdos Péter, Gulyás Gyula, Erdélyi Dániel, Hajdu Szabolcs, Elek Judit, Vivi Drăgan Vasile. These films have been selected at international film festivals in Karlovy Vary, St. Petersburg, Varna, Thessaloniki.

He was a leading actor at the Tamási Áron Theatre in Sfântu Gheorghe, and currently works at one of the most prestigious theatres in Romania, the Hungarian State Theatre in Cluj, where he plays under the baton of renowned directors such as Tompa Gábor, Silviu Purcărete, Michal Docekal, Mihai Măniuțiu, Yuri Kordonsky. With the renowned Cluj theatre he regularly participates in international theatre festivals in Avignon, Seoul, Almagro, Saraievo, Giessen, Budapest, Bucharest, Bogota.

Váta Lóránd has been and still is a guest on TV shows on TVR Cluj, MTV Budapest, TVR Bucharest, and radio interviews are part of his life as a theatre star.

Courses taught: vocal expression education, stage dance, body expression education, tap dance classes.

Teaching Assistant HARY Judit

HARY Judit Asistent asoc



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Teaching Assistant MÁRTON Imola PhD



Márton Imola is a lecturer of the Faculty of Theatre and Film of Babeș-Bolyai University. She received her PhD in 2020 in the field of Theatre and Performing Arts with a thesis entitled “Beckett directed by Beckett. The question of interpretation in Samuel Beckett’s stage adaptation of Waiting for Godot, Endgame and Krapp’s Last Tape”.

She has extensive experience in project management as the artistic manager of M Studio (2014-present), as the president of Moira Cultural and Youth Association (2014-present) and as an expert evaluator of tenders at the Administration of the National Cultural Fund Romania (2016-present). Her main fields of expertise are: project management, contemporary dance, absurd theatre.