Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship

Contemporary artistic practice is dynamic, in perpetual development and increasingly needs a solid organizational framework on which to rely, especially now that independent initiatives are increasingly numerous and relevant in the Romanian and European cultural space. In these circumstances, it is natural to meet the needs of the artistic market, and our Master’s program, through its balanced curricular construction, is a welcome alternative in the Romanian educational sphere. The cultural market in Romania has developed rapidly and sustained in the last decade, not only through the establishment of new theatre companies, cultural hubs, but also through the emergence of festivals and artistic events of a repetitive type, most of them inter- and trans-disciplinary, more and more performing and credible in terms of their offer, with a constant presence in the local and national cultural offer. The need for professionals in the field of cultural management is visibly increasing and encourages us even more to develop the Master’s programme in Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship, dedicated to graduates in theatre studies, film studies, performing arts, but also to those coming from other vocational, humanities, social or economic specialisations.


Initiatives and experiments in the creative industries sector, based on interdisciplinarity and diversity, are driving local and regional development, which is why we want to operate a double opening with this master’s programme: both so that our master’s students can find their place on the European market as a whole, and so that European students can be attracted to specialise in our university.


Curricula: The curriculum is flexible and varied, dynamically combining the theatrical and film culture dimension with the economically entrepreneurial one, encouraging practical projects. Among the subjects in the plan you can find: Cultural Entrepreneurship, Spectatorship Studies/ Anatomy of Reception, Management of Intellectual Property Rights, Management of Public Cultural Institutions, Project Management: Performing Arts (1) and (2), Management of the Independent Company, Strategic Marketing in Culture, Cultural Studies for Performing Arts, Project Management: Theatre Festival, Audience Building and Activation, Creative Industries, Theatre-Film Interaction in Contemporary Culture, Curatorship in Performing Arts and so on.
Instruction language is Romanian.