Getting (A)part: A new interactive media performance

Getting (A)part: A new interactive media performance

How important are the people close to your heart to you? 


                Getting (A)part: A new interactive media performance that focuses on the distancing of human relationships and highlights the effects of digital technologies on our human connections. All of this within the framework of two interactive digital performances, where we can witness the unfolding of two stories – how we drift away from our true selves and how we break down our human relationships. 

A digital interactive performance that explores combat sports, where we can visually observe the abuses of the soul, most of which occur within us, in our bodies. Following this, a choreography ensues that embodies the consequences of accepting or resisting innovation. 

The two performances encourage the audience to explore these ideas by interacting with the combination of body, sound, and space mediums. Its aim is to connect the audience with their inner selves and encourage self-reflection. 

Can we rebuild our human relationships if we are constantly surrounded by media? If humans are already becoming separated from their own essence? 



Sanda Jánosi-Buslig

Flavius Coman

Marios Leokratis

Ciprian Nechita

Laura Seucan


Performers: Marius Ticle, Denis Ticle

Tech Support: Alexandru Ungurean—-

Coordonator: Cristina Pop-Tiron