Digital Interactive Arts at Sehsuchte Festival Berlin

International participation for our master’s program Digital Interactive Arts to Sehsuchte Festival in Potsdam, Berlin

While some of us were enjoying the well-deserved Easter Holiday this year, some of our coordinators and students from the master’s program Digital Interactive Arts, participated, between 21st and 24th of April to the 51st Edition of the International Student Film Festival Sehsuchte, organized by the Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, from Postdam, Berlin in Germany.

The DIA master program was invited to participate in a special section in this festival, named `Beyond the Frame` and dedicated, for the first time, totally to the domain of new media arts, and to the projects which involve the creative use of technology and novel forms of storytelling:

  • Above and Beyond, created by Andra Purdea, a work that combines in an extremely creative way the sound, the graphic illustration and the augmented reality, developing a new experience for the public
  • Concrete Nests, coordinated by Adelina-Laura Bulibașa and created by Maria Scînteianu, Antonia Ciuc, Adrian Crăciunoiu, Adela-Maria Druță, Csilla Peter, Iasmina Iabloncic, Oana Petrea, Rareș Tabacu, Ors Tamas Rezi, Amanda Maier, Cosmina Prundurel, Anamaria Geger și Horațiu Florea, a transmedia universe about the ways the pandemic influenced the personal lives of people living in blocks of flats around the world
  • Fluctuations of Us, coordinated by Cristina Pop-Tiron și created by Maria Scînteianu, Ors Tamas Rezi, Adrian Crăciunoiu, Adela-Maria Druță și Cosmina Prundurel, an interactive installation which offers the audience a space where they can transcend different states of being, both real or imaginary with the help of an abstract way of illustrating emotions, special effects and sound
  • Idiolect Chroma, coordinated by Adelina-Laura Bulibașa and created by Adela-Maria Druță, an immersive interactive experience inviting the audience to disclose the hidden, augmented digital extensions of the human bodies through new media technologies
  • Inner Equilibrium, coordinated by Cristina Pop-Tiron and created by Alexandru Eugen Nagy, an interactive installation designed as a meditative experience set in an outer space fantasy world, offering the participants the possibility to escape from the stress of their daily lives for a while
  • Morph:us, coordinated by Klaus Obermaier and Cristina Pop-Tiron, created by Ana Bocaniciu, Toma Bărbulescu, Lucia Codreanu, Adrian Florin Marc, Bogdan Dumitraș și Iustin Filip, a new media interactive installation that focuses on the hidden realms of human perception, being inspired by astral projection experiences
  • Sequentium, coordinated by Adelina-Laura Bulibașa and Arnau Gifreu Castells, created by Bogdan Șorlea, Dani Sărăcuț, Răzvan Micorici, Alexandra Cincea, Bogdan Florea, Emanuela Motrescu, Bence Prokop, Olivia Dumitriu, Gunay Mutlu, Ana-Bianca Tudorică, Andra Purdea, Ruxandra Hule, Teodora Zamfirache, a transmedia documentary project that tackles the subject of Death by transcreating an unfolding narrative that leads the user on a journey through various explorations of loss, memory and legacy
  • An Error has occurred while searching for an Update, created by Cristina Pop-Tiron, Andreea-Cristina Mircea și Mauricio Brito, an interactive installation which combines the analogue and digital in innovative, surprising ways, thus inviting the public to experiment this work of art, but carefully

We are extremely proud of our colleagues and students that are part of this master program, we thank them for their performances and we wish them as many international appearances in the future!