Performing Arts and Film

The Romanian-language Master of Performing Arts and Film programme has the mission to train professionals in the fields of production, dramaturgy, theatre and film criticism and contemporary performing arts theory, as well as researchers in the fields of history, aesthetics and cultural policies, curators or publicists in the field of performing arts.


The programme offers students a complex and flexible professionalisation programme, in the context of radical changes in the field of performing arts and specific educational legislation. Drawing on the latest developments in theatre theory and history, techniques and methods proposed by leading practitioners and theorists of theatre, film, performance art and dance, the specialist courses prepare students to master the various techniques and methods of research, dramatisations and adaptations, writing analytical essays, and conducting promotional campaigns in the field of performing arts.


Curricula: The strength of the Master’s specialisation in Performing Arts and Film lies precisely in the much more reliable opening of the specialisation studies at the second level, offering a broadened horizon of disciplines that is aimed at graduates of the specialisations in Theatre Studies and Film Studies as well as those who have completed humanities, social or artistic studies. Its curriculum combines balanced theoretical disciplines with a research dimension with practical, creative disciplines. A major point of attraction in this respect is the highly professional teaching activity carried out by experienced professors in the fields of theatre history and theory, performance and dance theory, cultural studies, dramaturgy, as well as internship opportunities in state or independent artistic institutions in Cluj Napoca.


Among the courses offered in the current curriculum: Performance Theory, Dance Theory, Theatrical and Cinematic Imaging, Performance and Installations, Narrative Structures in Contemporary Theatre and Film, Anatomy of Reception in the Performing Arts, Creative Writing for the Performing and Visual Arts, Local and Global Trends in Contemporary Cinema, Cultural Studies in Film and the Performing Arts, Independent Company Management, Curatorial Models in the Performing Arts, Contemporary Critical Paradigms, etc.